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Merry Mount College Program
Horseback Riding I (LFA-140) & Horseback Riding II (LFA - 141)

Marie Fogarty, Instructor
Flexible schedule, TBA
Phone: 274-9351
1 Credit, Fee $450                                                                                           

About the Course
We will divide the students according to ability and past experience, with a class limit of four students so that we can give each student the attention they need. We will also try to work with your schedule of classes and, hopefully, enable you to fit the class into your week.  We meet once a week, and, depending on what level you enter, we will be working on key horsemanship techniques to help you achieve your riding goals. Merry Mount is interested in helping you, the rider become one with your horse. Our emphasis is on correct riding that you can use in any horse discipline with an emphasis on dressage and jumping. Some of our students are interested in showing, and you are welcome to come along with or without a horse (you may use one of ours). The classes will also include some fun time on the trails.                                                                                                  
About Merry Mount
We are a small year round riding academy beautifully set in woods and pastures along the Potomac River. We have an indoor riding arena, a heated lounge with indoor bathrooms (some stables don't), and we are located about 8 miles from Shepherd College.

Our instructors have all been in Merry Mount instruction and will provide a consistent format to develop your riding skills. We have the reputation of being the place to go if you are serious about riding. Of course, riding is also fun, but developing your riding skills also develops character and purpose of life that spills over into other areas of life. You might say that the horses become the professors in the long run and our best instructors and students learn more from them than can be taught from any book.

Also of interest to Shepherd riding students is our little tack store right on the premises. We stock all the apparel and equipment you might want for the riding class as well as lots of interesting items pertaining to horses, such as books, posters, and supplies for the advanced rider/owner.

We also have working student opportunities.  If you have taken the course or are takimg the course and want additional riding lessons, please call for more information.  304-274-9351

Merry Mount Riding
1974 Whitings Neck Rd
Martinsburg, WV 25404
Phone: (304) 274-9351
Merry Mount Riding, 2003

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